Who We are & How We Care

KONA Enterprises, based out of Bangkok, is devoted to working with Thai coconut agriculture and introducing the beauty of Thailand its coconuts to the rest of the world. We work with a small collective of family farmers and partner with the local agricultural agencies with the goal of utilizing the full economic potential of the coconut, everything from water to cream to biomass.
Through our KOH Coconut and Pink Baby Coconut products, we hope our passion for making simple Better For You premium products will come through in every taste. We hope our dedication, innovation, teamwork and passion will play a positive sustainable force in helping to shape the spirit of our global generation.

We CARE about our customers just like the way we care for our children and family.
We PRODUCE only the BEST QUALITY beverage and snacks from all NATURAL sources.
We are PASSIONATE about encouraging farmers to establish sustainable farms for a better future.