Natural Aromatic Sweet Taste
from 100% Namhom
Coconut Water
Organic Pink Baby
Premium Quality Coconut Water
Exclusively from a Small Farming
Community in the Fabled
Amphawa Region of Thailand
Pure Pink Baby


100% Organnic:Better For You, Better For the Planet.
No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives, and Not From Concentrate.

Every bottle contains pure coconut water fromyoung Namhom coconuts from Thailand.


Every 16.9 oz. bottle contains the water from 2 baby coconuts and nothing else.

Depending on season and harvest, sweetness, taste and color may vary.

Our coconut water is pasteurized for safety, without compromising on taste and quality.


One of the biggest questions
we get asked about
out delicious Pink Baby
Coconut Water is,
"Why is it Pink?"
The answer lies within our coconuts.Pink Baby Coconut Water is harvested from the juice of exceptionally fragrant Namhom Coconut, which are distinctively and naturally light pink and sweet.

Our coconut water is always right from the coconut, never from concentrate, and there's no need for added sugar, flavor or additives. in Fact, there are approximately two coconut worth of juice for every 13.9 oz/500ml bottle of Pink Baby Coconut Water.

Scientifically speaking, the pink color of our coconut water comes from polyphenols found only in Namhom coconut water-so if it's not pink from the start, then the juice isn't from a Namhom coconut, nor would it be an authentic Pink Baby Coconut Water.

From an Organic Coconut Farm in Thailand

Our coconuts are grown only in the renowned Amphawa region of Thailand, a magical land of traditional floating markets virtually untouched by commercialization or pollution. We take pride in working with a single, certified-organic family farming cooperative in the region.

Consider this: Coconuts grown in this prized area of Thailand are to coconut water what Napa grapes are to the finest wine.


KOH“Pink Baby” is 100% Pure Coconut Water uses baby Namhom coconuts from a small family of farmers growing their coconuts for generations in the fabled Amphawa region of Thailand. Namhom baby coconut water is distinctively light pink and natural sweet. All KOH Coconut water is packed right from the coconut, ensuring the freshest product possible.
No Added Sugar, No Flavors or Color, No Preservatives


Pink Baby Coconut Water may appear light pink. The pink color comes from antioxidants and polyphenols found in baby Namhom coconuts. This is natural and good to drink. Sweetness, taste and color may vary in different seasons and harvests.
Meet our farmers
KOH Pink Baby Coconut Water comes exclusively from a small farming community in the fabled Amphawa region of Thailand, home to traditional floating markets, famous cuisine and special fragrant “Namhom” coconuts. Using only sustainable farming methods, for three generations our farmers have gradually expandedtheir Namhom coconut farms. Traditionally, they delivered their sweet fragrant coconuts to Bangkok street vendors who would sell them for the locals to enjoy. Now KOH Coconut Water has partnered with them to provide Pink Baby Coconut Water exclusively to you. Read About Our Farmers